Reverse Osmosis Water

Why buy bottled water when you can get clean Reverse Osmosis (RO) water for pennies a glass.

At Vintner’s Cellar Bolton we have a “U-Fill” centre for all your water needs.  The water quality of our water is always a consistent 2-3ppm Total Dissolved Solids and is tested weekly.  In addition, we have our water tested at least once per year by an independent lab.  Our Reverse Osmosis system is just that pure and simple.  The water is softened, removing chlorine, then purification, ozone and stabilization and finally through the ultraviolet lights and carbon filters for disinfection.

Through our FREE onsite water testing we have found the following numbers to be pretty consistent across the board;

  • Bolton Tap water tested comes in at approx 240-270ppm
  • Bottled water tested comes in anywhere from 350-490ppm
  • Vintner’s Cellar RO water comes in at 2-3pmm.

If interested, please feel free and bring in your own water samples for a free test anytime.

U-Fill Pricing

Our Pricing for RO water is very competitive for the Bolton and Caledon region.

1. Per Single Fill $3.00 per 5 Gallon fill
2. Package of 10 Fills $2.50 per 5 Gallon Fill
3. Package of 25 Fills $2.00 Per 5 Gallon Fill





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