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Why Vintner’s Cellar?

During 2011, I was asked the same question many times, and the answer was the same each time.  Vintner’s Cellar Bolton is still the only brew on premises wine store in the Caledon area that uses 100% juice to make its wine.  To a point, 100% juices accounted for just a tad over 93% of my overall sales in 2011.  While the other stores are still toiling with different grades of concentrates, nothing beats the full-bodied flavour produced when using 100% juice.  Our difference is certainly in the taste of our final product.

Wine Diamonds

They’re not called diamonds for nothing...
What are those things in my wine? A few clients have asked about the crystals they’re finding in the bottom of their wines, thinking that they’re sediment. But I give an explanation of what they actually are, (not sediment) and how they’re a sign of a good product.

“Wine Diamond”, are the crystals that are sometimes found in the bottom of your bottles.  Wine Diamonds, or potassium acid tartrate, is a mono-potassium salt.  In its natural state, it is commonly found in many fruits but predominantly in grapes.  Wine made from grapes, fresh grape juice, and grape juice concentrates or a combination of these, can sometimes produce this crystal fall out.  Since it is cold temperatures that cause the diamonds to form, you may notice these crystals when you remove a wine bottle from your refrigerator or from cold storage (like your cold cellar in the basement).  This phenomenon can be found in both white and red wines.  It is entirely natural and is NOT a defect.  In fact, it reflects the high quality and will accompany a wine which possesses a wonderful taste and aroma.
Here are a few sites you may want to visit to garner more information on Wine Diamonds;


Storing your Wine

I know I have said this before, but I need to say it again. Please do not store your wines, especially you red wines in your cold rooms.  Most cold rooms in our area drop as low as 32 degrees F in the winter and then in the summer go as high as 70 degrees.  This temperature variation can kill a wine in a less than a year.  Not only that, but as I said above, it will increase your chances of having the wine diamonds appear in your wine.  The best place to store your wine is in an area that will be a consistent temperature year round.

New Clients

As always, there is a call for new clients and I offer great appreciation to those that have already taken advantage of the offer.  “Wanted”…..new clients.  For every new client you bring to the store, not only do you get a $25 reward for bringing each new client in, but your client gets a 1st time discount of $25 off their first order of wine (or Free Bottles-a value of $37.00)  Again, thanks to those past clients that have participated and thanks very much to all the new clients for giving us a chance.

Reverse Osmosis Water

Just another reminder to everyone that Vintner’s Cellar Bolton DOES have a RO water filling station.  Please tell your neighbours and friends.  Since Water Depot has moved way down to Parr Boulevard you may want to tell them that we centrally located (across the street from the old Water Depot) so they don’t have to go as far to get their fills.  Water prices are as follows;

Individual Fill  $3.00 per 5 Gallon fill
Package of 10   $2.50 per 5 Gallon fill
Package of 25  $2.00 per 5 Gallon fill

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