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See Our Monthly Specials
See Our Monthly Specials

Welcome to Vintner’s Cellar Bolton,

Stop the Press!!!

Every year, Wine Maker Magazine hosts an International Amateur Wine Makers competition in Manchester Centre, Vermont.

More than 4500 entries from 9 different countries were entered in this year’s competition.

The results are now in and published on the Wine Makers Magazine web site and the Vintner’s Cellar Bolton entries won a few prizes.

The following is a list wines that won from our store;

Gold Medal
2012 Amarone Classico
Silver Medal
2012 Mirtillo
Bronze Medal
2012 Valpolicella
2012 Chianti
2011 Black Cab

At Vintner’ Cellar Bolton we can make wine from grape concentrates, 100% juice and premium varietals that originate from many parts of the world, bringing to your table a truly international flavour. You can choose to make dry or sweet wines, light or full-bodied, white, red, rose, blush, ports and even ice wines. Click here to see our monthly specials.

Making your own wine couldn't be simpler, the most difficult part is choosing from the wide range of wine varieties. Once you have made your selection, simply sprinkle the yeast into your batch to start the process, pay and then return 6 to 10 weeks later to bottle your wine. Each selection you make will provide you with 29-30 750ml bottles of filtered wine.

We look forward to meeting you and showing you our winemaking premises. We are located conveniently at 15 Allan Drive, Unit 1 (South Hill) in Bolton, Ontario…right beside the Toby Jug pub.

New customers to our store will receive a choice of 30 free wine bottles or a $25 discount from any 100% juice or better order.


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